THE CAGE ST. OSYTH - sceptics

As the owner of The Cage I would like to address the subject of sceptics and non-believers. I am fully aware statements I have made on this site and in various publications to some will seem fantastical or untrue. In the short time that The Cage has been in the public eye, I have come under attack by sceptics who have felt the burning desire to discredit me and my experiences without even going to The Cage, giving me a chance to explain my experiences or giving me my right to reply, which I feel as a good and honest person I have or should have the right to do, so to that end I am writing this to try and explain the course of events which led me to take this path.

I will start by saying that every account I have given concerning the activity in my house has been true and factual and is what really happened to me whilst living there. I am of sane mind and have never had any psychological problems or mental issues which would have and still doesn't give me reason to question my experiences living there. I spent many months in The Cage being aware that something was very wrong and trying to come to terms with it in a rational way, without panic, drama or undue attention to my career and personal life.

I did put my house up for sale at one point in an attempt to escape the situation but only had one viewing in all the time my house was up for sale, largely, I believe, and was told by the estate agents, that due to the fact the property does not have double glazing, central heating, and is an old mediaeval prison and had had a recent suicide in there, all of which applied to me of course when i bought it, but i felt it was a beautiful little slice of english history with beams and open fires and chose to see this rather than its disturbed history. (Little did I know!) I eventually took the property off the market in an attempt at that time to wait for a change in the housing climate, for me in that situation I just had to try and learn to live in that horrible environment as I didn't feel I had any other choice as most people that have been in my situation or something similar have.

It has been widely reported that I have seen three ghosts in there (The Cage) as clear as I could see someone living (but a little more see through lol). That is true and factual as i know it, I also must say at this point that all three were during daylight hours, two of which were a sunny afternoon with the back door open. I also experienced activity that was unexplainable to me i.e. taps turning on and off, door latches rattling through the day and night, (as if someone was going to come in the room, but never did) a coke can whizzing across the table, objects disappearing then turning up in unusual places or not turning up at all, objects turning up out of the blue that did not belong to me, or any visitors I may have had, something walking up and down the stairs in the night, physical touch, aggressive touch, voices (as if people talking to each other), TV turning up and down at will, a heavy ornamental chain in the prison room lifting away from the wall - and again in broad daylight, lights exploding, seeing dark masses move across rooms and against walls, seeing faint figure formations of people, even on one occasion blood appearing in the hall area out of nowhere in daylight with two very reliable witnesses who had walked through that area two minutes before and not stepped in or seen any blood.

Now this, I suspect, sounds like I am deranged to every sceptic out there and you know what if I was a sceptic I would think the same but all this really happened to me, all of it, the three years I lived there was constant, be it not every day but pretty much constant activity. I spent the last year especially being scared of my own house and scared to be in it. I would get in from work and go straight upstairs to my bedroom with my small baby and stay there, I would eat dinner in there, basically live in there as much as I could because I felt intimidated downstairs, the bedroom wasn't great either but that's where I practically lived. Now many sceptics will have a scientific explanation for each thing that happened to me there, but I must stress on each time that something would happen, I would desperately try to rationalise it first because obviously I didn't want to be scared and I didn't want it to be what I thought/knew it was.

Example: when the blood appeared in the hall way wooden floor I was in the kitchen making coffee with my two friends Neil and Kirsty, one of which (Neil) was a sergeant major in the army on leave from Afghanistan and the other Kirsty, a nurse in a hospital. They had walked through the hall minutes earlier, now Neil is a huge guy with huge feet and my hall way is only very small. If the blood had been there before they came, they would of had to of walked through it, there would have been a smudge or footprint in the blood that doesn't include Kirsty's footprints as well. We sat down in the front room with our tea and the sergeant (Neil) noticed it and pointed it out to us, we all looked at it carefully and kirsty touched it as did Neil and said it was blood and said "Vess, what the f### is going on in this house". We sat for ages trying to work it out, doing all obvious things, like looking at the ceiling to see if something had dropped from it, any dead animals, anyone cut themselves etc... I didn't have any pets so it couldn't have been that. So the options left are, when we were making tea for those 5 minutes, someone came into the house without us hearing them and splattered the blood there for a laugh or it's something we can't explain.

That was the most extreme thing that happened in there, there was another very bizarre incident but I will not be putting it on here due to the sensitive nature of it concerning a recent suicide that had happened in the cage before I moved in. So the point I'm trying to make is that everything that happened, I tried to find an explanation before jumping to any type of paranormal conclusion, as did my flat mates that had experienced activity whilst living there with me, before they had enough and moved out.

One day I was doing the ironing downstairs and my sons little toys started to go off automatically and I thought here we go again, time for me to get upstairs, so I packed up the ironing, got the hangers and opened the door leading to the little flight of stairs. I looked up to grab the rail and at the top of the stairs was a man in modern day clothes standing there in solid form but very slightly see through. He was standing about 2 feet from my sons cot, which Jess was in at the time.

That was the day I decided to leave. I rented the house out twice after this but my tenants didn't stay longer than a few months, both times for obvious reasons, one tenant in particular had got so frustrated and scared with what she called the haunting that she called in a medium herself to try and deal with it. So it has never been just me that has claimed that there is something very wrong going on in that house. So there you go that's the basics, to all you sceptics out there, it's not just me! I am not a medium or anything similar, just someone who bought a haunted house and had to leave it. I don't know or claim to know what's in The Cage, I just know that there's something....