• No smoking inside The Cage.

  • All noise must be kept to a minimum during events inside and outside of The Cage.

  • The Cage and its contents are to be respected and left in a clean and safe state during and after an event.

  • All paranormal groups must produce and display relevant liability insurance and or associated documentation to Vanessa Mitchell before conducting any investigations in or around The Cage.

  • All persons entering The Cage are expected to sign the relevant group release form, or if needed additional/relevant documentation.

  • Vanessa Mitchell, The Cage or staff (paid or voluntary) hold no responsibility or liability for any lost/stolen or damaged equipment in or around The Cage.

  • Vanessa Mitchell, The Cage or staff (paid or voluntary) cannot be held responsible or liable for any personal injury while in or around The Cage.

  • All groups or person's attending an event will be held responsible / liable for any damage or theft to property while in or around the cage.

  • No persons under the age of 18 are to be admitted to The Cage. Please do not be offended if asked to produce proof of age.

  • All groups and persons are expected to have respect for The Cage and its contents (internal/external, it's Owner, Staff (paid or voluntary) contents at all times.

  • Physical and/or Verbal abuse to The Cage owner, its staff or any others attending in or around property will not be tolerated and offenders will be asked to leave forfeiting any refunds for event.

  • Any groups or persons who attend any event at The Cage intoxicated in any manner will be promptly asked to leave forfeiting any refunds.

  • No Naked flames are permitted in The Cage at any time.

  • All events and experiences in or around The Cage are for entertainment purposes only.

  • We cannot guarantee that you will experience any paranormal activity in or around The Cage.

  • The Cage is copyright protected and thus any photos or stories in any media are eligible for scrutiny and prior permission from Vanessa Mitchell.


The cage st osyth is now a copyright of the cage stosyth ltd and cannot be used in any conjunction with any merchandise without the permission of the cage stosyth ltd.

The plaque pictured above is now copyrighted on this day 20/08/2012 and can now only be used with written confirmation from either Miss Vanessa Mitchell or thecagestosythltd. Copyright will be listed with thecagestosythltd.